Team dyNasty`.

Here To Help Keep Classic Counter Strike Alive!

Purchase our V.I.P

A special thanks to supporting pawn scripters who have helped us develop one of the most extensive and up to date V.I.P plugins. Our plugin offers more than 10 different VIP abilities which have all been thought out strategically without altering the gaming experience for our users. All 10 abilities will truely help you stand out on our server as you play.
Did we mention; V.I.P is always free if you're a STEAM player.

Purchase our Admin

Helping us keep our servers clean of cheaters is our #1 priority. We have already built a strong team of server admins, but we could always use more help! We sell our server ADMIN packages for $15 (180 days). Our ADMIN is only for sale for STEAM users, we will not accept payment or negotiate with anybody who is using non-steam clients.

Need VIP Help?

Mistakes happen we are aware of that! If you're having problems getting into the server after buying our V.I.P you are most likely doing something wrong on your end. We have set up a help page where you can get in contact with us and we will help you set it all up. Better yet, we have created a short 3 stepped tutorial that explains how to get your V.I.P working in under 20 seconds.