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We are looking for active server Admins or Team Members. If you're interested please post an application using the application form in the navigation.

Requirements are easy:
Fluent English
Active Player

Admin Commands & Rules

3 Most Important Admin Reminders

#1 YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BAN VIP USERS UNLESS YOU ARE A SUPER-ADMIN: With this being said, you wont be able to ban our VIP players because they have immunity just like YOU have immunity. What should you do? You should record the VIP breaking the rules and send it to our ban manager - You can also contact one of our super-admins from the server to take care of the issue at hand

#2 GIVE WARNINGS BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION: Please give warnings before you take any administrative action. The only time you don't have to warn is if it's a blatant hacker.. in this case ban.

#3 USE THE APPROPRIATE BAN REASONS WHEN BANNING: The amx_banmenu command you will use for openning the ban menu will have pre-defined ban reasons. When you're banning a player please ban them with the correct reason to maintain order.

Admin Commands

amxmodmenu (in console)
Is the large admin menu you will use for all admin options such as banning, kicking.. switching teams, slapping, slaying and whatever else.

amx_gag (in console)
the console command to use to stop a player for voice chatting/chat spamming
amx_gag "optik" "10" "abc"
will gag the player optik from being able to chat message or voice chat for 10 minutes
When putting "abc" you are setting which version of chat they will be gagged from, using "abc" means all, say,say_team and voice communication.

amx_nick (in console)
the console command to change a users nick name.
amx_nick "F U ALL" "I love everyone"
this will change a players name from "F U ALL" to "I love everyone"

amx_rocket (in console)
the console command will turn users into a rocket and kill them by shooting them up into the sky.
amx_rocket "optik"

amx_votemap (in console)
*For those who have map change flag. (if you are a brand new purchased admin, and we don't know you too well yet, you won't have access to votemap commands)
This will bring up a 3 slot map vote. It's important to put all map names in quotes.
amx_votemap "de_inferno" "de_dust2" "de_nuke"

say:@ hello
You can type an admin message just like any chat message.. however you must put a '@' before your message for it to be displayed as an admin hud message.
For Example:
will display an admin message in white saying "HELLO"

Consequences of Not Following Rules
The rules are simple and easy to follow. If you fail to follow these rules and be a fair admin, we will remove your admin without refund
or put it on pause.
It is everyone's administrative responsibility to follow this short,simple and fair list which I provided above to ensure our community grows.

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