Structure For Admin Commands

Why is this useful?

Following this simple guide when you are having trouble with a player will, One, keep you out of hot water if the player comes to report admin abuse, and two, help to teach players our rules and policies rather than making them feel unwanted in our servers.

1. Warn the Player:
ALWAYS warn a player at least TWICE by name before using ANY type of command on them. Most players will respond to you asking them to stop doing something. PLEASE USE THEIR NAME WHEN WARNING!

Use basic chat or team chat (if your on their team). Use amx_chat or amx_psay. We prefer chat or amx commands as these methods will show in our server logs, voice chat does not. This way we can verify you did in fact warn the player If this doesn't work, proceed to step 2.

2. Use commands:

At this point try using a command or two on them to get their attention.

Use a command like: amx_slap. Slap them a time or two for 0 or 5 damage. This should get their attention if they happened to have missed your text warnings. Then warn the player again. Please use their name while warning them. If the player doesn't respond to you slapping them, slay them. Use amx_slay to kill them. After slaying them, warn them by name to stop or they will be kicked. If they still do not comply then proceed to step 3

3. Kick the player:

If you have tried to get their attention with a command or two, try kicking them from the server.

Use amx_kick, it will kick them from the server, and usually get their attention. IF they return to the server, warn them by name again. Tell them the kick was their last warning. If this does not work. Proceed to step 4.

4. Banning:

We try to use this as a last resort if we can. We (Management) want the players in our servers so that YOU (The Gamers) have people to play with.

Start with a SHORT "temporary" ban. This can be done by banning for 5 mins up to a few hours. If this still doesn't stop them, then proceed to a longer ban. This can be done by banning for a few hours up to a couple days (depending on how bad the situation is) Usually by this step the player has stopped or left our servers. If you are still experiencing problems. Proceed to step 5.

5. Management:

If all else seems to have failed, bring it to the attention of a Management member. If you see the same player day after day breaking the same rules, come and let us know. We can look over the situation and get it handled for you. You can do this by making a post on the forums explaining the situation.

If you're asking yourself "why all the warnings" the reason is there are a lot of players that are not from US or don't speak much or ANY English. But if they see their own name, they might be more apt to stop what they are doing. Just be tolerant of gamers that may not understand the rules. While we want AND need the rules to be followed, if we can correct a players behavior and help them to become a contributing player in the servers it will be a benefit to everyone. A BIG part of what makes an Admin great is compassion and understanding. Make the effort to help a player to learn our rules.