Help Enabling Your V.I.P

Here is a tutorial on How to use your VIP (* Please remember your VIP only starts working on the next map change after purchasing.)

If you havnt logged into your VIP name properly then it would kick you out the server and wont let you play. The above image is the message you'll be seeing. How do we fix this? Read below.

  • (1) Make sure your name in counter strike is the name you wrote when buying our product (This is the name you typed into the paypay/credit card check out box before hitting "buy now")
  • (2) Open console (Press ~ )

  • (3) Type setinfo _pw "yourpassword"
  • Replace "yourpassword" with the vip password you created when buying our product. (This is the password you typed into the paypal/credit card check out box before hitting "buy now")
    (please NOTE there is a SPACE between setinfo and _pw)
    (please NOTE your name and your password is CASE SENSITIVE!)

    Now join our server!
    ** You only have to do this once on your computer, if it ever stops letting you join, just repeat the steps. **
    ** NOTE: Nobody will be able to use your name except you. You will only be able to use this login from 1 computer at a time. **
    ** If you still can't enter the server then please make a thread on the forums, as your VIP might not have been activated in our system yet. **