$15 for 6 months (180 days)
So you want admin?
You're in the right place!

How to Purchase
- Make sure you're a STEAM player (This means you play through steam and you didnt torrent/illegal download the cracked version of cs)
- Contact Optik on the forum through private message
- Arrange to donate $15 after you send Optik your STEAM_ID
- Optik enables your admin for 6 months!

What our purchased ADMIN package includes:
slap users
slay users
send admin messages
kick players
ban players
gag players
What it doesnt include:
The ability to vote maps or change maps is not part of our admin package (if you're a known admin we will consider giving you this add-on later)
The ability to ban or kick VIPS or ADMIN players (because this is bad for business, you will not be able to ban other VIPS or ADMIN players)

If you're ready to purchase, you can click here to private message Optik.