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Adding Your STEAM Status in Topic Views & Forum Header

  • You MUST join the dyN gamers Steam Group for this to work, if you haven't already Click Here

  • Visit your steam community profile page in your google chrome or internet explorer browser and grab the last numbers/letters of the link.
    (There's also an alternative method you can go to website and fill out the box to get your steamid64.)

  • Now insert those numbers into your user control panel > Steamsuite > Steam ID 64 Box and fill the bubble that asks "Display your online status from steam in view topic".

  • That's it! You will now see your avatar appear in the top forum header as well as your steam statuses in the header and in topic view mode. (Please remember you MUST be a part of the dyN Gamers Steam group in order for any of this information fetching to work)

  • (How to get your STEAM ID 64)

    (Enabling STEAM status through user control panel on forum)